Presidents Message


Presidents Message


Dear Friends,

I am happy to report some new and exciting developments for the JDRC. We now have a new home. The JDRC is now a housed at The Bronfman Center For Jewish Student Life at New York University.


Our new offices are in the Bronfman Center at 7 East 10th Street.


We are grateful for the confidence and support of the NYU community and look forward to a mutually productive collaboration.


Planning for our upcoming projects is already underway. In fact, one of our projects will focus on juicing for good health sponsored by Find out more on the web.

We also have scheduled trips with a number of universities for their winter breaks.


If you are interested in volunteering with a group or individually, please contact Elie Lowenfeld.


As we continue to grow, we are looking for your support and participation.
Contributions to the JDRC can be made through the Bronfman Center at NYU, online at: or by mail.


Make your check out to: JDRC at NYU


and mail to:


7 East 10th Street,
New York, NY 10003


Thank you for your support
Elie Lowenfeld


J. D. R. C.  In The News

Jews, Muslims, Christians unite in flood cleanup project - Disasters don't discriminate, says Dan Hoeft of the Jewish disaster relief group Nechama. The Nashville flood hit Jews and Baptists, Methodists and Muslims, believers and nonbelievers alike.

"Jewish Students Help Repair Ike Damage" 1/30/2010 - GALVESTON - Students from Columbia, Brandeis, Yeshiva and Rutgers universities recently made their way to Galveston as part of a Jewish Disaster Response Corps effort to help rebuild neighborhoods after Hurricane Ike.

"Living a Life of Chesed" (10/2009) - While at Ramaz, I learned the importance of being an involved member of the community. Ramaz taught me how to analyze a problem, and how to being the work to fix it.

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About The Organization


Mobilizing American Jewish communities to lend skilled hands to assist American communities recover from natural disasters.


When a natural disaster strikes local residents and community support networks often are devastated, overwhelmed and unable to adequately respond to the situation without outside assistance. Residents reach out for a helping hand to aid them in getting back on their feet and to begin rebuilding their homes and their communities. It is the moral and social responsibility of the Jewish community, just as any other American community, to extend a helping hand to these communities during their time of need. Visit the About Us page

  • March 2010

    In March the JDRC continued supporting the One MIssion Galveston's effort and had another team of college students take their winter break to help in the rebuilding effort.

  • April 2010

    The JDRC deployed to Providence Rhodes Island after the severe flooding throughout the state. The JDRC worked with Nechama and Serve Rhodes Island. We worked with local volunteers both from the Jewish community and the general community. We were graciously welcomed by the local Jewish Federation and Jewish Community Center.

  • May 2010

    In May the JDRC responded to the unprecedented flooding in Nashville Tennessee. In Nashville we helped victims of the flooding clean out their homes and sanitize them in order to prepare it for rebuilding. In Nashville we were able to work with a wider range of volunteer groups. In addition to our work in the general population we were also able to work with the Local Jewish community to provide help to Jewish community members who were flooded.