Frequently Asked Questions


Will food and housing be provided?
Corps members are provided with housing and food. Because the corps will be responding to disasters the housing and food will vary by location and length of deployment.


Are the Corps covered by insurance?
Corps members will be provided with limited health coverage during their year.


What if I have no experience?
The needs of a community after a disaster are much more than just physical labor. There is a need for hard working and motivated people with all sorts of skills, like finding the needs of homeowners, organizing volunteers, coordinating food and more. Anyone can make a significant contribution to a disaster relief operation.


Why should I spend a year with the corps?
As a member of the corps you will have the opportunity to travel across the United States helping individuals and communities when they are in their greatest need. When a natural disaster strikes there are many needs, the corps will encourage its members to find innovative ways to meet all of these needs, whether it is through taking a leadership role, developing effective communication skills, engaging creative thinking and problem solving or, most likely, all of the above.