The "Corps" of the Jewish Disaster Response Corps is a team of young people who make a one year commitment to spend their time responding to domestic natural disasters. The corps will train intensively at the start of their service year and advance their skills through first hand experience and additional ongoing training throughout the year. Members of the Corps will work with community members in communities devastated by disasters to find the best ways to meet the needs of the community. Corps members will be encourage to think creatively to find innovative solutions to the challenges facing communities after a disaster. The Corps will allow the JDRC to act quickly and skillfully when responding to disasters, as a well-organized and trained team of individuals on call to start relief efforts when disaster strikes.


Who we look for: The Jewish Disaster response Corps is looking to engage recent college graduates in the response and recovery efforts following natural disasters. Corps members will commit one year to receive training and be first responders to domestic natural disasters. The corps is looking for motivated young people who would like to help individuals and their communities during their time of great need. Corps members will be selected based on their perceived leadership, problem solving, and communication abilities and potential.


What we do: The corps brings experience and resources to disaster sites. The corps participates in the first response efforts and will work to set up a system to facilitate and recruit volunteers who would like to help in the recovery process.


Where we do it: The corps will respond to domestic natural disasters in all parts of the continental United States.


Who we help: The corps helps individuals, families and communities rebuild. The corps helps all who are in need with out regard to race, religion, gender or sexual orientation.